New HDTV color grading system from Autodesk

The Lustre HD system enables facilities to offer creative HD color grading capabilities.
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Autodesk Lustre HD, a new digital color grading system designed for working on HD commercials and programming, as well as film projects, offers real-time primary and secondary color correction capabilities and real-time formatting of video deliverables using GPUtechnolog available in commodity graphics cards.

The system offers colorists an intuitive, nonlinear environment for interactive color grading sessions, enabling them to collaborate with producers, directors, art directors and cinematographers to adjust the colors and looks of HDTV projects.

Autodesk has introduced a new control panel for Lustre HD, comprised of three sub-panels that enable it to be easily configured for both left- and right-hand dominant operation. The panel is modular in terms of physical layout and key mapping. Its non-reflective paint and filtered light-emitting diodes (LEDs) reduce reflections and unwanted light in a critical viewing environment.

Autodesk anticipates that Lustre HD and the new control panel will be available worldwide in August 2006.

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