New DNF Device Does Triple Duty

DNF Controls has announced the availability of a new product that handles control, monitoring and interfacing functions in a single package. The new AnyWhere Interface Box (AIB) features eight opto-isolated GPI inputs, eight relay contact GPO outputs, an RS232/422 serial port and an Ethernet port. It supports a variety of signal conversions, including GPI-to-Ethernet, serial-to-Ethernet and serial-to-SNMP. All conversion functionality is user-configurable.

“Unlike any other single solution available, the AIB allows users to bridge systems and achieve that key bit of functionality they require--without performing any programming whatsoever,” said Dan Fogel, CTO at DNF Controls. “It's a simple but powerful solution that can be easily and quickly configured and deployed where and as needed.”

The AIB can be powered via its Ethernet port (POE) or from an external power supply. It provides users with a Web browser-based configuration interface and stores customized configurations in non-volatile memory. Configurations may also be saved in the user’s computer and used to restore the AIB if required.