New Dallas Stadium to Boast Biggest HD Display

Most Texans will probably say that bigger is always better, so it should come as no surprise that the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium being built north of Big D will house the largest configuration of HD displays ever built (at least until another one comes along that’s even bigger, and another one always comes along.)

Here’s the way the Dallas Morning News describes the main display: “Imagine four city buses parked in a line. Now imagine another layer of buses stacked on top of them. Add five more layers and hang the 28-bus cluster over a mental football field.” Its width will be nearly 180 feet.

Even the team’s execs don’t seem to know how to explain what it will eventually be, although they say merely calling it a “scoreboard” will not give it justice. “We have no reference point. It’s completely different than anything else in football,” Jack Hill, director of stadium construction, told the paper.

Along with about 3,000 video monitors of all sizes (HD/SD) scattered around the new facility, the two huge monitors joined to make one larger one will come from Mitsubishi Electric. The cost for the HD array will exceed the total price to build the original Texas Stadium in Irving in 1972—$35 million.