New Avid Plug-in From Eyeheight Targets Color Correction

LONDON – Further expanding their slate of broadcast compliance plug-ins, Eyeheight has unveiled the BroadcastSafeMC8 designed for Avid’s Media Composer editing software. BroadcastSafeMC8 utilizes a Broadcast Evaluate display that shows users which parts of a video image requires adjustment to be broadcast compliant.

BroadcastSafeMC8 displays non-compliant areas in user-definable colors and allows for either manual or auto correction. Users can alternatively define their own compliance standard as an XML file.

In addition, BroadcastSafeMC8 comes with BroadcastSafeArea, which can generate a wide range of safe-area markers for superimposition over the video monitor display. A Centre Maker is also included, along with a measurement utility to ensure minimum text height conformance in commercials.

BroadcastSafeArea supports many standards, including SMPTE, EBU and DPP, in 525/625 standard definition, 720/1080 high definition and 2K line formats.