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Neural Audio measures audio loudness

Neural Audio has developed advanced loudness monitoring software, called Neural Audio Analytics. Its designed to visually display perceived loudness in real time. The new product will be on display at the IBC (stand 7.G20), in the Harris booth.

The software package includes both the ITU BS.1770 Loudness Standard along with Neural’s own proprietary Loudness Measure for accurate assessments of all types of content. Each display within Analytics has been designed with the most common television applications in mind. Loudness can be displayed over a period of seconds, minutes or hours and logged for future troubleshooting.

Surround sound can be displayed on the multichannel screen to visualize individual channel characteristics, even in noisy environments. Analytics can also display the impact of metadata parameters on audio loudness if used in conjunction with a digital delivery format such as AC-3 (Dolby Digital) encoding.

Neural Audio Analytics is available as a stand-alone product or can be added as a software upgrade to any of the company’s audio correction products. It can be used in conjunction with Neural Loudness Control and Neural-THX Surround MultiMerge software for a complete measurement, logging, loudness correction and surround imaging correction solution.

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