Network News Service selects SSL MediaWAN to share resources

The networked environment will allow NNS to produce content more quickly.

The Network News Service (NNS) has purchased a custom MediaWAN Gravity system from Solid State Logic that links NNS' databases for news and satellite operations and allows third-party edit systems to share resources on a closed network.

NNS is owned by ABC, CBS, and Fox News Channel and provides distribution services for news content to more than 500 affiliate stations nationwide.

The Gravity systems display real-time incoming content across an entire IP network, enabling multiple live feed monitoring. This allows NNS users to select multiple incoming feeds and displays them on the desktop simultaneously, thus eliminating costly cable and monitor infrastructure. Using the multimonitor function, operators can create up to four additional windows that look at any of the 20-plus incoming feeds.

SSL's Live Edit application is another important feature for NNS, allowing editors to work on a timeline within an editor that continues to expand as more content is streamed into the file. The user doesn't have to reload the clip or refresh the screen in order to see additional video.

The MediaWAN Gravity solution purchased by NNS is comprised of 20 encoders and can store 32TB of video on a fully mirrored server. Content is prepared for distribution at approximately 30 workstations within the facility. An additional 30 workstations nationwide connect to the client's network via SSL's Backhaul video distribution solution.

The Gravity Web client featured in this solution allows producers to remotely access, play back and manipulate content from their bureau or remotely via personal computer at any location. Solid State Logic has also created a custom module that allows all metadata to be transmitted to the news production server of the client's numerous headquarters.

These headquarters feature MediaWAN Gravity editors that allow them to create finished pieces for distribution to affiliates. The client's partner networks are then able to automatically schedule the transmission of these clips for distribution to their affiliates, using the Gravity automated scheduling software.

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