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Netflix to Stream Movies via Sony Bravia HD Sets

Not terribly long ago the only way to rent a movie from Netflix was through the U.S. mail. True, it usually only takes a day or two for the DVD to arrive, but it's still not quite as fast as "instant"—as in instant download-streaming via a growing host of non-Netflix devices such as LGE Blu-ray players and Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles directly to the PC and TV set.

The latest Netflix venue available in the fall: Sony's line of Bravia HD models.

A Netflix subscriber who owns a Bravia-brand HD television set with internal online capabilities (or Sony's proprietary Internet video link accessory) will have access to more than 12,000 streaming movies and TV shows. (For now at least, somewhat ironically, the content itself will not be available in HD on the applicable Bravia HD sets.)

Included in Sony's Bravia catalog of services—along with some original Web content from Sony on golf and other topics—will be video from Amazon VOD, YouTube, Sports Illustrated, Sony Pictures, and