Net Insight Finalizes ScheduALL Sale to Xytech

Net Insight
(Image credit: Net Insight)

STOCKHOLM—The i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed on Net Insight and Xytech’s deal that shifts ScheduALL to Xytech.

The deal has Net Insight divesting its Resource Organization business unit, operating under the name ScheduALL, to Xytech for $6 million. Ownership of all shares in ScheduALL subsidiaries are transferred to Xytech. The deal was first announced in February

With the sale of ScheduALL, as well as its sale of the Sye streaming business to Amazon in 2020, Net Insight says that it has accomplished its goal of becoming a “more focused media networks provider” with a strategy for growth across cloud, IP and remote production applications.