Nesbit Systems Partners With Software Generation Ltd.

Nesbit Systems Inc. has partnered with Software Generation Ltd. to unite the NSi Media Library System and Preview+ with SGL FlashNet data storage and archive capability. The union provides the core components for building a modular, integrated media asset management system while remaining compatible with manufacturers in the MAM workflow.

Preview+ is a new module to the NSi industry standard Media Library System, that will allow users to ingest and log digital content, making MLS the single portal for tracking both analog and digital content. From ingest by MLS/Preview+ through editing with a non-linear editing suite to storage for playout on video servers, operators have access to the archive at all stages. With SGL FlashNet, a Microsoft SQL database drives a scalable cluster of servers, transferring data into and out of the archive at the highest possible speeds.

The integration will allow broadcasters to have access to tracking data tapes no matter what format or where they are (in robot, on a library shelf off site); integration to industry leading vendors such as Avid, Grass Valley, Quantel and multiple video servers; the use of existing metadata from GV or Avid to import to MLS/Preview+ for searching; and have a single portal to manage digital and analog media assets and the workflow associated them.

"By working with SGL, we can now offer our customers an enhanced workflow for all media asset management. The marriage of our products will deliver connectivity between systems, and enable users to move digital/analog media to the desired destination--all in a smooth and seamless manner" said Irene Nesbit, president of NSi.