NEP Supershooters adds FOR-A video writers to sports production fleet

Veteran sports production company NEP Supershooters, the remote division of Pittsburgh-based NEP Broadcasting, has purchased four video writers from FOR-A for several of its HD production and support trailers. The FVW-500HS allows users to draw in real time over SD or HD video via a touch-screen interface.

Glen Levine, VP of mobile engineering, said the FOR-A FVW-500HS Video Writer was chosen for its ability to work in both SD and HD resolutions, with no need for extra aspect ratio converters because a number of NEP’s customers still televise games in SD.

NEP’s production trucks cover more than 100 golf events annually for clients including the Golf Channel and ESPN Regional. Golf Channel’s main support units (ST-19, ST-10 and ST-11) are currently using the video writer. SS19, a midsized HD unit, also uses the device. All NEP HD mobile units support 1080i or 720p production.

During the height of golf season, the video writers have performed well with a few minor adjustments and software updates made throughout the season to simplify operations.

These adjustments included the addition of a “clear all” function to the FVW-500HS as well as a fiber-optic feature to facilitate remote operation of the unit.

The FVW-500HS Video Writer features preprogrammed graphic shapes for ease of use, but can also process line and free-hand drawings. Drawn objects can be moved, deleted or changed. The unit also offers various options for line thickness, edge width and colors as well as customizable buttons.