NEP selects Evertz for New 'Project Madison' OB Truck

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA –NEP has installed Evertz routing and multi-viewing solutions in their latest mobile broadcast unit, known as Project Madison. The size and scale of this truck required a dense and reliable infrastructure, and due to previous EQX implementations and a strong technology relationship with Evertz, NEP selected that the EQX.

“Space is always an issue in mobile units and the Evertz solution gave us massive routing in the smallest footprint,” George Hoover, chief technology officer of NEP Broadcasting, said. “The Madison router decision was further enabled by the success of the ten Evertz EQX systems operating throughout the worldwide NEP OB fleet.”

The company worked closely with NEP to develop a future-proof routing and multi-viewing system that fit within their size, weight, IO and budget constraints. The EQX high density core router enables the OB truck to route 500 inputs and 3000 outputs, including embedded audio routing and processing.

“Instead of asking us to conform to a particular design, NEP gave us the ability to show them what the best application of our technology would be,” said Charles Adkinson, Evertz director of product management - routing and monitoring systems.

Project Madison employs a wide range of Evertz routing and multi-viewing solutions. Project Madison has over 160 advanced control panels installed and is using Evertz MAGNUM unified control system for router, multi-viewer and tally interface. In addition to the use of Evertz MAGNUM server and the complete VIP-X multi-viewer system, an Evertz EMR router has been installed for extensive audio routing. This project utilizes a mix of standard IO and Evertz X-LINK technology.