NEP Installs Cobalt Digital openGear for Boxing Coverage

URBANA, ILL. – NEP has installed 30 Cobalt Digital openGear multiviewer cards in to one of its mobile units. NEP’s NCPXIV B, which is dedicated to supporting boxing coverage for a NEP client, was recently refurbished and equipped with the multiviewer cards; the truck previously had no multiviewer.

Cobalt’s 9970-QS 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quint-Split Multi-Image Expandable Display processor cards allows NEP operators to take feeds from the main truck and display them in various ways. The cards can insert each input image flexibly into the output image area, which also increase their versatility.

NEP also installed three Cobalt HPF-9000 openGear frames to house the multiviewer cards, housing all 30 cards in six rack units of space.

The NCPXIV B truck’s next fight coverage will be March 28 in Las Vegas.