NCP Installs Calrec's Alpha In NCP VII

West Yorkshire, U.K.--Pennsylvania-based New Century Productions (NCP) has purchased Calrec's Alpha 100 console for NCP VII, its new HD truck.
The 226-channel console is configured as 96 stereo and 24 mono channels, and has a 72-fader control surface with a 24-fader sidecar. Based at NCP’s New Hampshire field shop, the truck will be used live on almost every broadcast.
"The Alpha represents the current state-of-the-art in a live, digital mixing desk," said Mike Mundt, senior vice president for engineering, NCP.
"This is our first digital mixing desk and the possibilities intrigued us. We are particularly excited about the idea of adding an expansion chassis to the standard control surface. We have learned that it just isn't possible to have enough faders on some of the really big shows we are faced with. Since our floor plan allowed us to put an expanding wall on the audio booth we had room for a larger console, so we decided to take advantage of it. Calrec worked very closely with us to design, build, and customize a very large mixing desk that could be easily taken apart for transport when we fold up the trailer.
"The desk will be used for all manner of sports events, of course, although we do just about anything that comes down the road…entertainment shows, politics (when in season), news coverage...anything and everything.
"We will also be offering the unit to ESPN for use on their Sunday Night Baseball show and I would imagine they will find other uses for it!"
"The great benefit a digital console brings to such an event is the ability to store all the intricate details of the console set-up so the operator can recall it even when the truck has been used for a different event in the meanwhile."
Calrec Audio