N.C. Community College Employs FOR-A Switcher

Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, N.C. has built a new 30 x 50-foot video production center and outfitted it with a FOR-A Hanabi HVS-3000S standard-definition digital video production switcher.

The facility, housed under the campus library, will be used to create educational and marketing videos. The college also plans to start a local cable channel later this year. It's CFCC's first entry into multicamera production, which will be performed by four Ikegami HL-40 cameras.

The HVS-3000S is a two-M/E video switcher suite for live 525/60 (NTSC) and 625/60 (PAL) production, according to the company. It can use three key layers for each M/E, 16-to-32 inputs, chroma key capability and has other features. The SD switcher is expandable and can add four floating DVE channels and 12 component serial digital inputs.