Nationwide Microwave Spectrum Available for Lease

SAN FRANCISCO: FiberTower Corp. today announced it has listed its 24 and 39 GHz spectrum for lease. The nationwide microwave licenses will be available via Comsearch, a spectrum management firm in Ashburn, Va., and one of nine companies designated to manage a TV white-space database.

FiberTower describes its 24 and 39 GHz portfolio as “ideal for high-capacity broadband backhaul and transport.” The licenses are said to comprise 350 MHz of spectrum in the top 50 U.S. markets, and cover 99 percent of the United States. The entire portfolio consists of 750 licenses covering 350 million people, Comsearch says.

Christopher Hardy of Comsearch says leasing provides an alternative option to the Federal Communications Commission’s licensing process.

“By offering carriers, businesses and government agencies the ability to operate their own high bandwidth wireless backhaul and point-to-point networks, FiberTower enables users to easily employ wide-area licenses that increase bandwidth and reliability, while reducing overall network operating expense,” he said.

The coverage map is available at Fiber Tower’s website.