NATEXPO 2008 Looks at Digital

The National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters of Russia (Национальная Ассоциация Телерадиовещателей, NAT) is readying for its 12th NATEXPO International Congress and Convention. The theme for the event, taking place 18–20 November in Moscow, is "Russia at the Step of a Digital Revolution."

The conference will provide a detailed analysis of international experiences alongside interactive discussions covering all aspects of next-generation broadcasting, including content creation, distribution and consumption, as well as financial and economic models.

"Without a doubt, the transition to digital services in Russia is offering an enormous wealth of opportunities for all industry participants. Our exhibition, congress and convention during NATEXPO 2008 will bring together Russian and international experts discussing and debating enormously important topics, and it is their contributions, which will influence and contribute to the shaping of Russia's next generation media industry." commented Eduard Sagalaev, president of NAT.

To this end, during NATEXPO, a Digital Alliance of Russia is slated to be established with the goal of helping to ensure an effective and productive transition to digital services in Russia.