NASCAR Media Group adds new Apple interface to DIVArchive

The NASCAR Media Group has upgraded its existing DIVArchive content storage management system from Front Porch Digital to now include a tight integration with Apple’s Final Cut Server media asset management application as well as Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software.

Bringing DIVArchive and Apple together in a unified environment at NASCAR Media Group’s Charlotte, NC, production facility makes it easy for producers and editors working in Final Cut Pro to restore content from anywhere within the system including the data tape library. It also provides access to thousands of hours of historic clips (some of it dating back more than 60 years) in the company’s vast archive.

The integration of DIVArchive with FCP allows editors within NASCAR Media Group’s internal production group to send content to the archive or restore it for editing from their desktops without leaving the familiar Apple environment. In addition, the new Apple interoperability retains DIVArchive's partial restore feature, which allows the transfer of only the footage desired, regardless of how long the original source clip was, resulting in tremendous savings in both bandwidth and manpower/equipment time.

Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive is a combination of software and hardware components that provide a turnkey content storage management solution to simplify the process of preserving, managing and accessing digital media content for operations of all sizes.