NAB2008 MPEG Industry Forum to explore ‘over-the-top TV’ opportunities

NAB2008 will host the MPEG Industry Forum April 13, which will offer a master class during which industry experts and participants can exchange views on standards-based video delivery and the next generation of video entertainment.

Among the topics to be covered is the issue of “over-the-top TV,” or TV programming, movies and video clips delivered to the home via broadband Internet connection. Rather than traversing the “walled garden” network of IPTV carriers, broadband television crosses the public Internet to the home.

While broadband data rates are increasing and the compression efficiencies of the latest implementations of MPEG are improving, challenges remain. Perhaps the biggest is making it simple for TV viewers to access content from their sets. The MPEG Industry Forum will explore these new “over-the-top TV” opportunities and what’s being done to make the marriage of television and the Internet more elegant and commonly accepted.

Other highlights of the MPEG Industry Forum will include:

  • Four separate keynote speeches
  • Four panels, including:
  • How Tomorrow’s TV Might Look: Differences and Progress Enabling Technology: Status report Show Me the Money: Business Models and ROI The Legal Small Print: Rules and Regulations
  • MPEGIF Awards

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