NAB Show Product Review: Batteries & Lighting

Battery makers showing their remote power wares at NAB Show have addressed issues such as battery cell safety and HD/4G cameras’ high-power demands.

Graham Sharp mounts an Anton Bauer Digital Series Battery onto a camera. ANTON/BAUER introduced its Digital Battery and Performance Charger series, designed for the power needs of today’s 4K camera setups. The batteries contain a digital filter that increases run time and extends the life cycle of the battery packs. New technology allows more accurate power status readings. The companion Performance Charger series charges up to four batteries at a time, and features an LCD touchscreen.

BLOCKBATTERY showed off its 2F1 universal battery system, with interchangeable mounts that allow one battery pack to be adapted for A/B, V-lock or direct mounts. Depending on the mount, the output voltage is either 28VDC or 14VDC. The 2FI-120 features a 4-LED fuel gauge and D-tap socket for mounts outputting 14VDC.

FREZZI showcased its FBL-240 on-camera professional battery, providing 240 Wh of power in a lightweight form-factor. It weighs 3.1 pounds, and can be purchased with either an A/B or V-lock mount. It can provide eight hours of run time to a 30- watt load.

IDX debuted four new Endura lithium ion V-Mount batteries to its Endura battery family, ranging from 73 Wh to 146 Wh. Each battery comes equipped with a D-Tap and a 4 Step Power Indicator LED. A new internal pack design for the batteries cradles each cell securely to enhance the reliability and safety of the battery.

Steven Manios Jr. with Manios Digital and Film loves his PAGlink stackable three-stud batteries.PAG showed its PAGlink battery packs, which feature an innovative linking technology to allow two or more to be stacked together (up to a maximum of eight) to allow higher current and longer run times. Linking the batteries combines their capacities and allows for a high-current draw of up to 12 amps.


This NAB Show saw more LED remote phosphor lighting fixtures. As the name “remote phosphor” in a professional cine an video lighting fixture suggests, the technology separates the light-producing LEDs themselves from the color producing phosphors, which are often in the form of a coating on a translucent panel placed in front of the LEDs. This not only separates the LEDs from the phosphors, but also allows switching color temperature rendering by interchanging the phosphor-coated panels. Remote phosphor is not possible (at least for now) in LED point-source lighting fixtures such as Fresnels.

AADYNTECH debuted its SpaceLight LED, a tungsten-balanced fixture with an output of 52 foot-candles at 25 feet. It draws less than 7 amps, and can be controlled locally using its menu-driven interface through a tethered, plug-in digital remote, or via DMX control through a lighting console.

ARRI unveiled its L5 LED Fresnel, the smallest fixture in its L-series line of LED lights. It’s half the weight of ARRI’s L7 Fresnel and provides all the features of its larger cousin, such as a color temperature range from 2,800 K to 10,000 K, green and magenta correction, hue selection, saturation control and on-board DMX.

BBS LIGHTNING showcased its remote phosphor Area 48 LED Soft Light, with multiple power options including an integrated battery that can be used with V-mount or gold-mount batteries or standard AC power. It also offers internal DMX 512 for remote control and flicker-free dimming. The company also showed its LED Force V LED Light Engine, engineered to upgrade existing Ellipsoidals to LED illumination in either daylight or tungsten color temperature.

CHIMERA introduced its 1x1 LED Lightbank, designed to mount and soften popular 1x1 LED panels. The Lightbank has a removable front face and comes with a speed ring with a 5/8-inch (16 mm) receiver. Also new from Chimera are the Lighttools EZ Soft Egg-Crate grids. A built-in tensioning frame holds the Soft Egg Crate in formation, ensuring maximum control over soft light for motion picture and still use.

CINEO unveiled its Maverick remote phosphor LED lighting fixture, designed to meet the needs of field production in a lightweight, DC-powered and weatherproof form factor. Like the rest of Cineo’s fixtures, the Maverick utilizes interchangeable phosphor panels to provide a variety of color temperatures in one fixture.

COOL-LUX showcased its CL series of panel-type LED lighting fixtures, available in 3,200 K, 5,600 K and bi-color models. There are four different sizes in the CL series, ranging from an equivalent output of a 160-Watt tungsten fixture up to a 2,000- Watt equivalent fixture. CL500-series fixture is built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and chassis, and has a rugged aluminum yoke with a dual 5/8-inch adapter that can be used on conventional light stands or overhead mounts.

DEDOLIGHT introduced its largest focusable LED lighting fixture, the DLED 12.1, available in both daylight and tungsten color balance, and featuring a beam angle range from 65 to 8 degrees. Use of Dedolight aspheric optics allows for its large focusing range, clean beam and smooth light distribution.

FLOLIGHT invited its booth visitors to build their own lighting kits. Expanding on the company’s own preconfigured kits, customers can choose from more than 800 possible permutations, mixing of spot and flood fixtures into a custom kit. Included in these kits are free 8-foot light stands and a carrying bag.

Frezzi’s Kevin Crawford (R) describes features of the EyLight for Government Video’s Bob Kovacs.FREZZI debuted its EyLight, a professional camera light with an internal quick-swap rechargeable battery that delivers sustainable power to traditional tungsten and LED lamps in a compact all-in-one design.

HIVE presented its BEE Plasma Flood, a 276-watt daylight fixture, termed “adjustable daylight” because its color temperature can be adjusted from 4,600K to 7,000K to match ambient conditions. Its 100-degree beam-angle gives it fill light characteristics, and it can be dropped into a softbox for even softer illumination.

K5600 showcased its Evolution kit, which can be purchased in five different configurations, mixing and matching different K5600 fixtures. Alpha 200, the company’s newest fixture, is a compact and lightweight Fresnel that accepts both Quart Metal Halide Lamps (HMI) and Ceramic Discharge lamps, allowing it to illuminate in both 3,200K and 5,600K color temperatures by changing lamps.

Fernando Kleinert adjusts the new Kino Flo Celeb 400 light.KINO FLO unveiled three new LED units: The Celeb 200 DMX LED, Celeb 400 DMX LED and Celeb 400Q DMX LED. All three provide variable color temperature from 2,700–5,500K, and allow both onboard dimming and color temperature adjustment as well as DMX control. Honeycomb louvers can be used to control the soft light output of the new LED lights to 90 degrees or 60 degrees.

David Mahlman, a member of the Society of Camera Operators, checks the light output of Litepanels’ Sola 9 LED Fresnel.LITEPANELS added intermediate LED Fresnel lighting fixtures between its 12-inch fixtures and its 6-inch fixtures, the Sola 9 (9-inch daylight balance) and the Inca 9 (9-inch daylight balance) Fresnel fixtures. The 9-inch Fresnels share the same features as their 6- and 12-inch family members. The company also unveiled the Hilio D12 (daylight) and T12 (tungsten) open-faced arrays, designed to emit a raw, narrow beam that provides high intensity for long throws.

LOWEL LIGHTING debuted its Lowel Pro Power LED, providing powerful output and control for the run-and-gun shooter facing quickly varying ambient lighting conditions. It can be camera- or light-stand- mounted. It features a wide focus range Fresnel lens and is available in daylight or tungsten.

The new Evolution Kit display took up a lot of space in the K5600 booth. The configurable, portable two-light kit is available with 3200K and 5600K lamps.MANFROTTO introduced its Spectra LED lighting fixture series, designed for shooting on location or in a studio. The Spectra 1x1 panels are available in daylight, tungsten and bi-color balance, and can be operated on AC or DC power. The smaller on-camera Spectra fixtures are available in a range of intensities, color temperatures and beam angles.

MOLE-RICHARDSON premiered its LED Space Light, designed to utilize the collection of existing Mole Spacelite accessories. The 400-Watt LED Spacelite 2 and 900-Watt Spacelite 4 replace traditional 2K and 6K Tungsten Spacelites to reduce energy usage by 80 percent and eliminate costly lamp replacement, silk degradation and yellowing.

NILA introduced its all-weather Boxer and Varsa LED lighting fixtures. NILA fixtures are touted for their RoHS compliance (absence of toxic heavy metals) and ability to output a lot of light while using little power. The Boxer (200-Watt draw) and Varsa (75-Watt draw) utilize holographic film lenses to vary the beam pattern from 10 degrees to 80 degrees.

PHOTON BEARD unveiled its Platinum Blonde fixture, a HMI-focusable floodlight that is an energy-efficient 1,200-Watt HMI linear lamp. It is an open-face fixture designed for applications where raw output is required. The company also debuted the PhotonBeam 80 LED Floodlight, designed with the housing from Photon Beard’s established Redhead lighting fixture.

PRIMETIME LIGHTING SYSTEMS introduced its new Gus 41 LED Fresnel lighting fixture, featuring an 11- to 80-degree beam angle and a 6.25-inch acrylic Fresnel lens.

ROTOLIGHT debuted its latest series of Rotolight Anova V2 Ecoflood LED Floodlights, providing up to 350-percent brighter output than the company’s previous models. Anova Singles are available in either UltraWide (110-degree beam angle) or Standard (50-degree beam angle), in 5,600K or 3,200K models, for greater straight line output. There is also a bicolor model with output adjustable from 6,300K to 3,150K.

Eric Shackleford (R) of KQED-TV asks Ray Powell of Zylight about the Fresnel lens in the Zylight F8 LED light.VIDESSENCE unveiled its Vidnel Series VN050 and VN100 Adjustable Beam 50-Watt and 100- Watt LED Fresnel fixtures. They feature a manual slide bar on the side of the fixture that adjusts the beam and locks in place, and passive heat dissipation that requires no fan for cooling. It has DMX control and dimming, and a power shutoff feature so that no power is drawn when the fixture is fully dimmed. A 4-inch gel frame and barn doors are available as options.

ZYLIGHT showcased the F8, a redesigned model of its Quantum Dot-powered LED Fresnel lighting instrument. The upgrade includes a positive lock on the focus mechanism, a vertical heat-sync, a yoke mount angled for greater positioning range and ability to accommodate 90-degree stand mounting.