NAB 2015: GatesAir and Qligent Align

CINCINNATI— GatesAir will demonstrate a new compliance and monitoring innovation in partnership with Qligent, a QoS/QoE specialist focused on cloud-based monitoring, at the 2015 NAB Show. The demonstrations will show the viability of monitoring in the cloud for TV services coming into and out of the transmitter, with extendibility well beyond the RF building. As modeled, the architecture will monitor all related physical, serial transport, data and audio/video streams for standards compliance and quality of experience at any point in the air chain, and applies to single station deployments as well as large national over-the-air networks.

The concept is powered by Qligent’s Vision platform, a QC, monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting system that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud as a managed service. Qligent’s technology is said to monitor multiple stream layer data points, ensuring complete visibility of the input (IP, ASI, etc.) and output stream (RF, TS, decoded audio/video/data) to and from any number of transmitters; as well as expanded monitoring across multiple points in the broadcast chain. This includes simultaneous monitoring of critical coverage area boundaries, where signal quality at the fringe is a concern.

Integrated with GatesAir UHF and VHF transmitters, the combined platform would benefit both transitional and long-term monitoring across digital TV rollouts by ensuring a reliable and functional platform from the commissioning stage while transitioning to digital or establishing a new network. Additionally, the integrated platform is built to address monitoring and compliance requirements across emerging delivery platforms and challenges, including LTE mobile convergence and the TV spectrum repack.

GatesAir (Booth C3107) and Qligent (Booth N3621) will discuss and demonstrate the concept at their respective booths.