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NAB 2014: Test & Measurement

Digital Nirvana Monitor IQ

LAS VEGAS—Nearly everyone in Las Vegas holds their cards near the vest, including many 2014 NAB Show exhibitors. It’s an NAB tradition for some. The following list of test and measurement new products is a snapshot as of press time, and will continue to grow until the exhibit halls open Monday April 7. That’s the element of surprise that can make the best planned NAB Show visit more exciting.

APANTAC will introduce the PTG-UNI universal pattern generator. Also showing will be its Micro-4K UHD to HD down converter and an HDMI audio de-embedder.

BRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES will introduce the VB273 intelligent redundancy switch and display the VB288 objective QoE video and audio analyzer of MPEG-2 and MPEG- 4/H.264 streams, providing full visual status from anywhere.

Triveni StreamScope MT-50

COBALT DIGITAL will unveil its 9970-QS quad-split card for openGear frames, a Blue Box Group modular up/down/cross converter, and a modular framesync. Significant enhancements for its Spotcheck loudness compliance and logging device will also be introduced.

DIGIMETRICS will release v5 of its Aurora file-based QC system. It will also show Hydra Player v4.5, a professional player with scrubbing, and the AutoFix Audio Normalizer v2.5.

DIGITAL NIRVANA will introduce the FIFO Recorder which records multiple HD-SDI feeds in an Avid edit-ready format. Also expected is a significantly upgraded Monitor IQ v4.0, and MediaPro v2.0 social media integration tool.

DVEO will roll out the DOZERbox II IP multifunction end-to- end router for the public internet using IP video traffic smoothing and packet recovery technology. DVEO will also show its Verona 8VSB/HD-SDI+IP and DVB-ASI off-air demodulator.

INEOQUEST TECHNOLOGIES will demonstrate its video analytics and service assurance solutions, including its latest Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) enabled solutions for the mobile core and Manzanita Systems.

Leader LV5490 SD/HD/4K picture and signal monitor

MEDIAPROXY will debut new QC and monitoring TSAnalyzer application and scheduled DVR-style recording for its Log- Server IP software. LogServer IP provides a scalable and highly cost-effective software- based native MPEG streaming server solution, by combining RTSP based IPTV applications, transport stream monitoring.

NEVION will demonstrate its TNS4200 probe for high QoS signal and stream monitoring. With the highest density in the market, it can handle multiple streams simultaneously and supports one of the most comprehensive sets of interfaces and formats.

SNELL will introduce IQSAM00 Media Biometrics, a fast and efficient way to monitor video and audio timing at various points within an SDI system, providing automatic alerts.

SENCORE will give hands-on demonstrations of a number of new video test products including enhanced HEVC analysis capabilities in its Compressed Media Analyzer CMA 1820 for an in-depth look at compressed media transport streams.

TRIVENI DIGITAL will show its StreamScope MT-50 DTV transport stream analysis and troubleshooting tool and its Avisor tablet-based watch app for convenient local content access.

VIDEO CLARITY will introduce RTM Reduced- Reference capability for content distributors, a new software application for the company’s RTM real-time A/V monitoring solution. The company will also debut its MOVIE (Motion-based Video Integrity Evaluation) platform for ClearView Video Quality Analyzers.

Tektronix’s WFM2300 portable waveform monitor

LEADER will demonstrate its LV5490 SD/HD/4K picture and signal monitor. Its test and measurement capabilities include waveform, vector and picture monitoring, SDI signal data analysis, cyclic- redundancy-check error, embedded-audio error, event log, data dump and timing display. Leader will also introduce its FS3140 quality control software with the ability to identify issues which can be seen and heard. Related technology from Phabrix, Eyeheight and Trilogy will also be displayed in the Leader exhibit.

PHABRIX will showcase its Rx rackmount range with enhanced waveform display and rasterizer output to 1920 x 1080, as well as its full range of handheld instruments, including the SxE with eye and jitter toolset plus the new inexpensive TAG with analyzer/monitor toolsets for SD/HD-SDI, analog and optical interfaces.

PIXELMETRIX will introduce several new tools for compliance monitoring/logging, technical analysis and disaster recovery playout.

TEKTRONIX will mark the NAB Show debut of its new portable WFM2300 series of waveform monitors. The WFM2300 is equipped with enhanced measurement capabilities and provides eye pattern and jitter measurement capability, as well as cable simulator margin tests, in addition to the all features available in the existing WFM2200. The company has also added HEVC (H.265) codec support to its MTS4000 MPEG test and analysis system with Option ESE and Option 430. The new features help equipment designers and manufacturers optimize coding efficiency of next-generation encoder designs for mobile video, OTT video and 4K/Ultra HD applications.

VIDOVATION will debut a new automatic video bypass and signal changeover switch.

Wohler’s AMP2 a/v monitoring solutionWOHLER will introduce its new AVB monitoring option card for its flagship AMP2 a/v monitoring solution and MPEG DVBASI and IPTV monitors. Wohler will also show significant enhancements to its DVB-ASI and IPTV monitors.

BROADCAST DEVICES and DAVICOM will demonstrate the first direct-connection interface between their products. Thanks to Davicom’s built-in SNMP manager and the DPS-100D’s SNMP agent, the interface allows easy, one-cable interconnection.

COAXIAL DYNAMICS will introduce several enhancements to its lines of RF Wattmeters for forward and reverse power measurements and also its line of dummy loads.

RHODE & SCHWARTZ will unveil upgrades and new gear for testing and analysis of digital video and MPEG transport streams, DTV, digital RF, analog RF, analog TV and analog video.

TEAMCAST will demonstrate new rack modulators, a QoS measurement probe, and new video/data link solutions.

WORLDCAST SYSETMS/AUDEMAT will launch MasterView 2.0, an upgrade to part of its ScriptEasy software suite. The new version ensures MasterView is available on any internet-enabled device to observe what’s happening at the transmitter site.

Z TECHNOLOGY will demo several new RF test products, including field strength meters, a measurement demodulator with FCC shoulder measurements and transport stream data measurements, and a rackmount signal mapping system with 8-VSB decoding.