NAB 2014: Storage & Recording

DVEO Gearbox II

LAS VEGAS—Solutions in the storage and recording arena are being asked to do more: more channels, more formats, more output, more connectivity. The blossoming interest in cloud-based technology is showing no signs of slowing down, and unique options are on the rise, such as the capability to build tiered storage options and better ways of tracking the status of archival requests. Many of these developments are being driven by new advances in compression and the increasing demand for 4K.

ABEKAS will show the newest generation of the Mira production server, a 4K Ultra HD version for recording, playback, and media file import and export.

BLT ITALIA’S server options include the 12-channel SMS-4U 8R4P, which features simultaneous recording/playback and HD-SDI for full 1080p and 3D-HDTV. The company will also show the SMS-2U 4R2P, a compact six-channel HD server that can record up to four independent HDTV video sources.

EVS XT3 server

BLUEFISH 444’s Fluid INGESTORE allows users to ingest and store multiple SDI streams and record directly to uncompressed DNxHD nedia files.

BRIGHT TECHNOLOGIES will show a range of products, including BrightRaid Avior, a cross-platform fibre storage solution with Web-based RAID monitoring and management tools, as well as two new additions to the BrightDrive range of servers: the BrightDrive Astella Dx and BrightDrive Astella Nx for SAN- and NAS-based workflows.

BROADPEAKwill introduce the Unified Server that can stream both RTSP and ABR formats from a single appliance, allowing users to offer nonlinear TV services like cloud PVR, start-over, network time-shifting and impulsive recording.

CACHE-A will debut Pro-Cache610, with 10GigE connectivity, allowing highspeed archiving at more than 150 MBps.

DBI (DIGITAL BROADCAST INC.) will show the MediaVault Archive System, which offers RAID, Blu-ray and LTO tape for mass storage of broadcast media. The company will also demo DBI Archive Sharing, which provides station-to-station or cloud-based sharing of archived material across multiple stations.

DVEO, a division of Computer Modules, will show the Gearbox II anytime servers, which act as a live media encoder/ distribution server/VOD server to ingest content from off-air or other sources. More than 500 simultaneous users can initiate “pull” demands on the video content at any time.

Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G Production Client

EDITSHARE will showcase EditShare Storage v7, now sporting a new and intuitive EditShare Connect interface and QoS system that reserves bandwidth for high-priority activities. Also new is Flow v3, with new features such as AirFlow for remote web-based access to content stored on EditShare media spaces and archives. There’s also Flow Automation for designing templates. Also new is EditShare Field 2, which now supports solid state drives.

EVS will showcase an enhanced version of the XT3 media production server, which includes built-in proxies, 4K zooming, live multi-angle review and support for 12 channels of live recording. A new C-Cast Xplore browsing interface used with the XT server will also be on display.

Xendata SXL5000

FACILIS TECHNOLOGY will offer several torage options including the TerraBlock 6.0, which supports eight 16 Gbps Fibre Channel and one 10 Gbps Ethernet through Facilis’ Shared File System. The company will also showcase SyncBlock 2.0, its newest line of integrated synchronization, backup and archiving solutions that allows users to locate, restore and build a tiered storage network.

GRASS VALLEY will highlight its K2 Summit 3G Production Client and K2 Dyno S Replay System, which can also support UHD/4K live production, as well as a new and optional tOG sports graphics and telestration feature developed by RT Software.

HARMONIC plans to showcase new play out and graphics capabilities within the ChannelPort integrated channel playout system, including augmented ingest, storage, and playout broadcast workflows.

ORAD will show The Blend file-based channel-in-a-box solution, which provides HD/SD video playout coupled with 3D real time graphics. Also look for PlayMaker, a sports replay server with up to eight I/O channels of ingest in multiple video formats.

JVC will show how its ProHD Broadcaster server is powering the company’s professional streaming services, which deliver live HD content to Web and broadcast facilities. Available as a physical server or cloud-based solution, the ProHD Broadcaster receives live HD video from camcorders, transcodes the signal for a variety of delivery platforms, and provides transmission of the signal.

QUANTUM will introduce Lattus-M, a petascale private cloud archive system for media that integrates into existing StorNext workflows. It integrates with asset automation systems to perform direct workflow actions at the archive level while maintaining multiple archives on and off premise.

Telestream Vantage Cloud

ROHDE & SCHWARZ will show the newest generation of its VENICE Media Production Hub server, which now features 4K playout.

SONNET will showcase the next generation of its xMac mini server, which includes integrated Thunderbolt ports for connectivity.

TELVUE will demo the newest version of the HyperCaster IP broadcast server, which features up to 20 HD or SD channels in 1RU; as well as the TelVue AdCaster, a digital ad insertion server.

TIGHTROPE MEDIA SYSTEMS will show the new ZEPLAY 4220, a 2x2 version of its ZEPLAY slow-motion instant replay server, and the Cablecast Live 100, a streaming server that streams H.264 HLS to iPhones, iPads, Android devices and desktops.

THOMSON VIDEO NETWORKS will present channel-in-a-box technologies, including the Sapphire MPEG broadcast server which offers ingest, processing, branding, and playout capabilities of DTV TV channels over ASI or IP networks.

XDT will show the Catapult Server, which offers transfer speeds up to 1 Gbps over a single 10 GigE connection.

XENDATA will demo the SXL-5000 scalable LTO archive, which has 210 TB of near-line LTO capacity that can scale to 1.18 petabytes, the equivalent of up to 50,000 hours of HD video.

Matrox VS4Recorder

Technology designed to ease the process of uploading media into the cloud will be in the AFRAME booth in the form of the Aframe 3.0 cloud video platform.

BROADPEAK will show its content delivery network technology, including the nanoCDN and the umbrellaCDN, now with the ability to offload traffic from an operator’s network to a CDN as a service. The company will also showcase its Broadpeak streaming servers.

ELEMENTAL will show v2.0 of its Elemental Cloud platform now offering new architecture enabling live-to-VOD workflows, a more streamlined interface and support for new AWS next-generation processing instances.

FRONT PORCH will show its LYNXdr Disaster Recovery in the Cloud technology, which offers a secure off-site backup capability by ingesting and managing content electronically or from datatape to key strategic regional cloud locations.

SIGNIANT will showcase the newest version of its cloud-delivered file transfer solution technology, Media Shuttle.

TELESTREAM will show off the new Vantage Cloud option, a companion piece to the Vantage solution. It allows users to handle automated transcoding, media processing, analysis, and packaging via a cloud-based infrastructure.

TELVUE will show the Connect Media Exchange, a cloud-based program-sharing platform for professional broadcast operations.

TMD will show its new cloud-based creative services and production management tools within the i-mediaflex cloud environment, as well as the solutions Mediaflex and i-mediaflex for cloud and SaaS environments.


DIGITAL NIRVANA will debut the FIFO Recorder, which allows users to record multiple HD-SDI feeds in an Avid edit-ready format.

GRASS VALLEY will demo its line of T2 intelligent Digital Disk Recorders (iDDR), which combine advance NLE production with VTR-like controls, with multiple playback/record channels.

HI-TECH SYSTEMS will show the AViTA Differential, a means of creating videotape from clip-based media for distribution to stations still running VTRs.

Sound Devices PIX 260IMATROX will launch the VS4Recorder, a multicamera recording app bundled with Matrox VS4 quad HD capture cards. The app gives live event producers independent control over capture of the four inputs connected to the VS4 to create files for use with editing apps and archiving.

MERGING TECHNOLOGIES will show the next generation of Ovation 5, a broadcast playout solution, as well as VCube 5, a post production video player/recorder.

SOUND DEVICES will showcase the PIX 260i production video recorder, which can record up to four drives in Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD formats.

Susan Ashworth

Susan Ashworth is the former editor of TV Technology. In addition to her work covering the broadcast television industry, she has served as editor of two housing finance magazines and written about topics as varied as education, radio, chess, music and sports. Outside of her life as a writer, she recently served as president of a local nonprofit organization supporting girls in baseball.