NAB 2014: Audio

Shure SCM820 eight-channel digital IntelliMix automatic mixer

LAS VEGAS—Audio equipment manufacturers continue to benefit from advances in technology that allow them to release products with faster operation, better resolution and more flexible configurations.

AXIA AUDIO will show their new Fusion modular AoIP mixing console which features four program and four auxiliary buses, onboard EQ and voice dynamics, automatic mix-minus, and integrated intercom capability.

DAN DUGAN SOUND DESIGN will show its Dugan-VN16, a 16-channel automatic mixing controller that interfaces with select Avid digital mixers to detect and crossfade mic signals.

LOGITEK will feature its JetStream Plus 240-channel AoIP audio node, which houses 15 card slots enabling configurable analog and digital I/O, SDI inputs and microphone preamps.

LAWO will demo its compact mc²56 mixing console, which now includes the mc² AutoMix feature which automatically adjusts levels of active and inactive microphones while keeping a constant ambient level.

SHURE will show its SCM820 eight-channel digital IntelliMix automatic mixer designed for use in speech applications. It activates the best mic for a particular speaker while attenuating mics that are not being addressed.

SSL will debut new versions of its C100 and C10 digital broadcast consoles, along with the new SSL LIve console and audio IP networking technology.

Studer Vista XSTUDER will launch its Vista X largescale mixing console, which retains the company’s Vistonics and Fader- Glow user interface while integrating the new Infinity Core platform, which supports 800-plus DSP channels and more than 5,000 inputs and outputs. Also new is the A-Link fiber-based audio interface, which supports the Infinity Core’s I/O count and has a newly-designed connector system that breaks out signals to analog and digital audio and video interfaces. A-Link also offers direct connection to Riedel’s MediorNet distributed router, allowing multiple Infinity Cores to be interconnected.

WHEATSTONE will debut several new digital audio consoles for radio and television, as well as new signal processor designs and its latest audio networking equipment.

MERGING TECHNOLOGIES will feature its Pyramix virtual studio digital audio workstation, Horus and Hapi RAVENNA networked audio converters, Ovation media server and sequencer, VCube HD player/ recorders, Iris integrated post-production systems and Luxor file server.

SONY will demo its new handheld PCMD100 audio recorder that supports the latest high-resolution codecs and formats and has separate converters for PCM (up to 192 kHz) and DSD (2.8 MHz) recording.

TSL PRODUCTS will debut the SAM1 MADI studio audio monitor that delivers A/V/ confidence monitoring and can access any combination of MADI, embedded HD-SDI, AES and analog sources in a mixed multichannel environment. Also look for TSL’s PAM1 MK2 Precision Audio Monitor that’s aimed at a range of operational uses in TV production and features a loudness histogram, enabling CALM Act compliance.

WOHLER is spotlighting their AMP2-E16V AVB, a new AVB monitoring option card for its flagship AMP2 series of modular A/V monitoring devices. The new card enables AVB compliance without sacrificing any other input options; up to five AVB cards may be fitted.

AUDIO-TECHNICA is launching a new and improved range of professional studio monitor headphones, extending from the entry level ATH-M20x to the flagship ATH-M50x, which offers large aperture drivers and sound-isolating earcups.

GENELEC will show its 8251 small three-way speaker system that reportedly offers a unique set of features not seen before in audio monitoring, and is the latest member in the Smart Active Monitor family. Also check out the 8010, the smallest member of Genelec’s analog 8000 series family. It features a three-inch bass driver and a 3/4-inch tweeter with a 2 x 25 Watt class D amplifier system.


AEQ is launching two AoIP interfaces, including NETBOX 32/8 AD, with 32 I/O (mono, stereo; digital or analog) and GPI/O.

APANTAC will highlight its HDMI Audio De-Embedder which offers audio delay up to 2,700 mS and supports two channels of PCM analog audio, coaxial digital audio, and compressed audio.

AXIA AUDIO is spotlighting its xSelector that combines the functions of an XY router control panel with the audio outputs of an Axia xNode AoIP interface and includes six customizable preset buttons.

JK AUDIO will showcase its AutoHybrid IP2 that functions as a two-line hybrid for VoIP and incorporates the features of a phone line hybrid and also functions as a stereo streaming AoIP codec.

LAWO will show equipment that supports Ravenna networking technology for the real-time distribution of media content in IP-based network environments, and supports AES67.

Riedel MediorNetRIEDEL has developed its first WAN-focused solution using the MediorNet platform as a base. Also check out the new A-Link interface module for MediorNet that provides users with a highly scalable audio routing system offering I/O capacities in excess of 10,000 I/O.

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES will spotlight their model 412 fiber transport system that comes in three versions offering a range of SDI/MADI input and output configurations and also supports gigabit Ethernet and digital video.

AUDIO-TECHNICA will showcase their BP894 MicroSet headworn microphone that allows the cardioid capsule to be aimed directly at the sound source and features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator.

SONY will launch its new UWP-D wireless mic system for on-camera run-and-gun use, incorporating digital hybrid processing in three packages, including bodypack, handheld and plug-on transmitters.

TSL PRODUCTS is offering its ST450 MKII portable surround sound microphone system with an updated design that provides 3 dB gain steps and an increased gain ceiling of 42 dB.

AEQ will demonstrate its ConeXia intercom system based on the Kroma intercom master controller combined with an AEQ audio matrix. It handles up to 1024 x 1024 crosspoints. Also look for the Systel IP4 and IP12 talkshow and multi-conference systems (four or 12 depending on model) are built around a digital router and use lines from IP telephony systems.

Sony UWP-D wireless mic system

CLEAR-COM will debut its Eclipse HX Matrix Intercom, a four-wire, point-to-point communications platform for mid- to-large scale implementations. The company will also show its HelixNet Partyline digital network partyline intercom for small- to mid-size group communications, as well as its line of Tempest Wireless Intercoms, including the Tempest2400 and Tempest900 wireless intercoms that operate in the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz band, respectively. Also on hand, the HME DX series wireless intercom and RS-700 series beltpacks.

EARTEC will feature its Comstar full duplex system that allows up to eight participants to converse simultaneously without transmit buttons or voice activation and is certified for worldwide nonlicensed use. Its all-in-one headset eliminates separate cables, beltpacks and external antennas. Also check out the UltraLite headset for Comstar’s wireless full duplex system which allows crew members to converse simultaneously.

JK AUDIO will show its Interchange compact intercom phone bridge that enables remote access to a party-line intercom system with a four-wire audio interface and remote control connection to most JK Audio digital hybrids. Also look for the Outerloop wireless intercom belt pack which provides a link to 4-pin or 5-pin intercoms via Bluetooth.

Clear-Com Eclipse HX Matrix Intercom

QUANTUM5X SYSTEMS is launching its next-gen Agility 2.0 transmitter with a smaller form factor, improved companding flexibility and support for a wider range of mic elements.

RIEDEL plans to show its Artist virtual key panels that enable the use of smartphones and tablets (iOS, OSX, and Android) as control panels with any Artist digital matrix intercom system.

RTS is spotlighting its OMNEO open standard protocol that allows easy interfacing of various RTS and third-party devices over IP utilizing the Dante standards. Also check out RTS’s newest version of the RP-1000 series intercom keypanels, now offering improved high-definition color displays and wider viewing angles.

SONIFEX will showcase its DHY-04G digital GSM hybrid that uses 2G/3G cellular connections. It has auto-sensing AES/ EBU or analog XLR I/O plus SNMP capabilities. The company will also show its CM-BH4W beltpack, a portable, battery powered four-wire comm unit for TV/radio applications, and the CM-BHA, a portable, battery powered headphone amplifier for live field applications.

YAMAHA will debut R Remote, a Windows-based PC standalone application that enables remote control of R Series Rio3224- D, Rio1608-D, and Ri8-D rack unit head amplifiers directly from a computer.

IZOTOPE will roll out its Insight Essential Metering Suite of audio analysis and metering tools for mixing and mastering. Also check out the company’s Nectar 2 suite, a complete set of tools designed specifically for voice. iZotope is also planning to show its RX 3, an advanced audio repair software application that remedies noise, clipping, hum, buzz, crackles and more.

MINNETONKA AUDIO will showcase direct bidirectional connectivity with its AudioTools server through Telestream’s AudioTools connector for Vantage transcoding and video automation. Also new is Movie Adaptation for Minnetonka’s Audio Tools Server, which prepares high dynamic range film mixes for delivery on any platform. Also look for v3 of SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II AAX with complete Dolby-certified decoding of up to eight audio channels with real-time loudness metrics.

DIGIMETRICS will show v2.5 of its AutoFix Audio Normalizer, which ensures distribution-ready (desktop, Apple, Adobe) compliance without substantial dynamic loss and guaranteed file playout.

LINEAR ACOUSTIC will introduce its new UPMAX v4 surroundfield controller that produces an upmix that is completely downmix compatible.

TC ELECTRONICS will spotlight its new UpCon AES which continuously monitors incoming audio and seamlessly cross-fades into a convincing 5.1 surround upconversion without interruption or added artifacts.


ACTUS DIGITAL will demonstrate fully integrated loudness compliance monitoring for the CALM Act, ATSC A/85 practice on the Actus platform.

COBALT DIGITAL will feature its Spotcheck loudness measurement tool with upgraded capabilities including H.264 video, AAC stereo audio and EBU R128 compliance.

DK-TECHNOLOGIES will show its new DK T7 Audio Meter, a high-precision, multitouch interface audio and loudness meter providing more integral features and functionality than any other audio meter on the market, according to the company.

EMOTION SYSTEMS will introduce its Emotion Engine software, which has been developed to deliver CALM loudness compliance within a suite of audio solutions designed to meet file-based media demands.

Nugen MultiMonitorNUGEN AUDIO will be demonstrating its MultiMonitor which offers up to 16 individual loudness and true-peak meters in mono, stereo, and 5.1 formats for up to 96 individual audio channels. The company is also planning to launch a new MXF file-handling option for its LMB loudness management batch processor that will allow direct analysis of audio within the MXF container.

RTW will be spotlighting its LQL (Loudness Quality Logger) software license that provides the export of measured loudness and TruePeak data via IP connection or USB flash drive; the SW20014 Logging Data Server license enables TM7, TMR7 or TM9 series meter compatibility.

TC ELECTRONICS will showcase its DB6 AES intelligent loudness management system that’s now available with SDI as well as unbalanced AES I/O and software updates for its GPI functionality.

ACOUSTICAL SOLUTIONS will launch its next-gen, environmentally-friendly, 100 percent recyclable PolyPhon acoustical panels made from 60 percent PET-recycled polyester fiber and 40 percent PETvirgin fiber.

K-TEK will be showing off their new Zeppelin microphone windscreen product which features a design based on the company’s award-winning Nautilus microphone suspension mount. Booth visitors will also want to check out the KBLT- 52 boom pole kit case that’s intended for the transport and protection of K-Tek and other boom poles that collapse to 52 inches and less.

Steve Harvey began writing for Pro Sound News and Surround Professional in 2000 and is currently senior content producer for Mix and a contributor to TV Tech. He has worked in the pro audio industry—as a touring musician, in live production, installed sound, and equipment sales and marketing—since November 1980.