NAB 2010: Beat the Traffic Adds Touch and Mobile Capability

LAS VEGAS: Beat the Traffic is taking multiple routes onto mobile platforms with specialized apps for iPhones and Blackberries, and one on deck for the new Apple iPad.

“It’s in the hands of Apple now,” said Andre Gueziec, president and CEO of Triangle Software, dba Beat the Traffic. Gueziec debuted his traffic-tracking software at NAB five years ago. Forty TV stations and cable channels have picked it up; 30 radio stations use it. The latest version, 6.1, features a touch-control application that allows traffic reporters to manipulate maps like images on an iPhone--moving them, zooming, tilting, rotating--and to bring up real-time images of roadways.

The mobile iterations include two native apps for the Blackberry and iPhone; free downloads total 130,000. Gueziec demoed a “white label” app for both devices developed for media partners to co-brand. Using an iPhone synched to a projector, he showed traffic conditions in Las Vegas then switched almost instantly to a real-time image in Toronto, and on to forecasts, temporal density graphs and sensor coverage of a given route.

BTT software is also being integrated into the News Over Wireless app for iPods and iPhones. The NOW interface is pictured at left. The company is exhibiting in SU2302.