MultiDyne offers SilverBACK fiber transceiver

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems ( has expanded its field acquisition product line with the introduction of the SilverBACK compact fiber interface that mounts directly to the back of an ENG/EFP camera. It offers HD program video with return HD/SD viewfinder video, camera control, PL intercom and tally signal transport over fiber-optic cabling.

The company's LiGHTBoX field acquisition products provided the impetus to take the next step into camera transport interfaces, according to MultiDyne's managing director, Frank Jachetta.

"We have always wanted to close the loop and provide camera-mounted fiber transceivers to allow our customers to select the variation of fiber communications they require," he said.

The SilverBACK can be linked with the dual Neutrik Opticalcon to the LiGHTBoX, the HalfCuBE or a standard 19in, 1RU rack-mount panel. The camera-mounted transceiver operates on DC battery power or a local AC power supply.