MTV Networks upgrades Mobile Unit 8 with Lawo console

MTV Networks has updated the mixing console in its audio recording Mobile Unit 8 by installing a new 56 fader digital Lawo mc²66 mixer.

The 48ft mobile truck is used as the sound unit for live broadcasts, taped performances, DVD and CD productions, and is one of the leading trucks in the United States for award shows and multi-band performances. It has been used to mix more than 150 major award shows and thousands of concert performances to date.

The new console makes the mobile facility one of the largest 96kHz-capable trucks in the market. It also provides for complete store and recall of console parameters, including processing and automation, and flexible routing to Mobile Unit 8’s on-board multitrack recording and ProTools systems.

MTV Networks’ new 56-fader mc²66 console is equipped with an HD core that supplies 256 DSP channels and a routing matrix with a capacity of 4,096 x 4,096 crosspoints, all at 96kHz sampling rate. The console architecture specified by MTVN includes complete redundancy, including the DSP, router, the port-redundant MADI connections to all DALLIS frames, the PSU processor and a 24-fader backup control surface. The Lawo system also includes fiber connected stage boxes containing 112 high-end microphone pre-amps.

The console was ordered in August, and the project is scheduled to be completed by December with first productions starting in January 2007.

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