MRC equipment provides pool coverage of presidential inauguration

HD digital wireless camera systems and diversity receivers from Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) were used by all of the major U.S. broadcasters to cover the presidential Inauguration Day events.

ABC, CBS, FOX News and CNN all used LINK Systems wireless camera transmitters and MRC diversity receivers. FOX News and ABC used a combination of the LINK equipment and MRC ENG diversity receivers and backhaul equipment for their inaugural broadcasts. ABC installed six receive sites throughout Washington, D.C., in January. It deployed the new LINK L1500 wireless camera transmitter to shoot live to the MRC DRS4000 diversity receivers and backhaul it to its studio. The live broadcasts were transmitted on both 2GHz and 7GHz systems.

At the heart of the historic broadcasts was LINK's proprietary LMS-T modulation technology. Delay is minimized at all data rates, so there were no noticeable differences between multiple feeds coming from the field. Production crews could intercut cameras freely without video or audio delay problems. This technology, added to the diversity-receive systems, results in the most robust service, even at the higher bit rates.

MRC digital gear has been used for pool coverage of inauguration festivities since CBS began transmitting live coverage of the inaugural parade in 2001, using MRC's COFDM ENG gear. It was the first time ENG coverage of the inaugural parade was done in motion, with CBS following along the two-mile parade route.

The CBS Network Pool Coverage highlighted the benefits of the digital technology. ENG coverage, historically manpower intensive, was accomplished with two unmanned receive sites with absolutely no break up at all.

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