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Mozaik Multimedia demonstrates new portable interactive TV applications

Through the use of Apple iPad and iPhone applications for interactive television at NAB, Mozaik demonstrated how its Multimedia MovieBuddy and !Content technology enables consumers to interact with in-movie brands and products in an immersive home environment.

Mozaik said today’s generation is consuming video in a multiscreen, multitasking environment. With !Content technology, consumers can learn more about products, people and places they see on the screen, instantly shop and share them via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The Mozaik MovieBuddy iPad and iPhone application will integrate all these activities into an intuitive experience.

!Content is an end-to-end software solution for media and entertainment industries as well as service providers that is deployed across multiple platforms, connecting the advertisers to the consumers to the retailers. The technology provides a nonintrusive interactive user experience, while allowing brands to engage the consumer and extend their reach via focused ad placement and e-commerce.

The Mozaik MovieBuddy iPad and iPhone application will become available through the iTunes store in the near future, together with the launch of the first !Content-enabled titles (movies, television shows, music videos, sports programs, etc.).