Motorola offers hosted switched digital video to independent service providers

Motorola said last week it has begun making its switched digital video (SDV) portfolio available to independent video operators as a hosted solution operated from Motorola's Secure Operations Center in San Diego.

Hosted SDV enables operators to make niche channel content available to subscribers without committing dedicated bandwidth to those channels. It uses the same core components as a traditional SDV architecture to enable operators to effectively "turn off" seldom-watched channels until demanded by a subscriber.

When a request for a switched channel occurs, the SDV system enables the transmission of the channel via dedicated narrowcast QAMs and responds to the STB with the tuning details. This process occurs in a fraction of a second as a consumer changes channels, and the subscriber viewing experience is not noticeably affected.

Bandwidth reclamation levels are substantial enough to facilitate the launch of advanced revenue-generating services, such as HDTV, video on demand (VOD) and future bandwidth-consuming services, such as 3-D TV and interactive TV applications.