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Mosart, EVS Partner to Improve Workflow in Live News and Sports Production

BERGEN, NORWAY—Mosart Medialab, a subsidiary of TV 2 Norway, will partner with broadcast production technology company EVS to increase productivity through Mosart automated control of EVS XT/XS series production servers. Mosart employs LinX API in the EVS XT/XS series production servers to enable control and configuration and improve workflow efficiency through automation of key processes and automated playout control of EVS servers.

“We have leveraged the LinX API to bring superior flexibility and scalability to our XT/XS series production servers and, in particular, to facilitate third-party development of solutions that optimize and extend the value of these servers in next-generation automated news processes,” said Pacôme Palfroy, product manager at EVS. “Mosart has done brilliant API development work that puts advanced XT/XS series server controls at the fingertips of directors while reducing the time it takes to manage production workflows.”

When integrated with EVS production servers, the Mosart interface allows newsrooms to automate processes from advanced clip management and display configurations to the enhancement of clips with metadata. The API command interface facilitates automated playout control of the EVS servers, supporting playout of content from one server via a different one, freeing directors to focus their energies on producing engaging newscasts.

“The Mosart 3.0 automation tool fits so well with EVS servers because both systems have been designed to handle the demands of live production — and of live sports production in particular,” said John Kjellevold, managing director at Mosart Medialab. “Mosart automation now can control most of the servers in a broadcasting environment, and this achievement reflects both our open philosophy and our commitment to providing flexible solutions with the functionality that our customers need.”