MOOV’s AR Graphics Take the Court for BBC’s Wimbledon Coverage

LONDON—BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon this year is providing viewers something they have not seen before, a series of in-studio augmented reality displays courtesy of sport and event graphics company MOOV.

Based around a three-camera setup (two pedestals and one jib), MOOV is using RT Software’s AR technology and StarTracker camera tracking technology from Mo-Sys to produce the AR graphics. The Mo-Sys system is an optical tracking system that enables studio cameras to be moved when overlaying augmented graphics.

The AR technology provides enhanced graphics not possible in a traditional studio, including virtual life-size cutouts of players on glass plinths and a virtual “Magic Window” that looks onto a 3D render of a tennis court to show results and match data laid out on the court surface.

Each camera feed is passed through RT’s render engine, which drives both the player cutouts and the Magic Window in real time.