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Montgomery County Public Schools select Shotoku camera support

Montgomery County Public Schools Instructional TV (MCPS ITV), located in Rockville, MD, has purchased a new Shotoku remote-controlled camera system. The system has a two-channel pan-and-tilt head configuration with a TR-8S control panel and “Learn Mode” option.

The system allows a single person to accomplish the work that previously took three people. A technical director can now switch a show and control two of three studio cameras.

The MCPS ITV configuration is comprised of two TG-18 pan-and-tilt heads controlled by a TR-8S control panel. The TG-18 heads incorporate high-resolution encoders to ensure accurate and repeatable positioning coupled with the ability to provide smooth movement at very low speeds. The TR-8S control system, capable of controlling numerous cameras and storing 900 shots per camera, features an LCD display that shows the status of all cameras under its control as well as detailed information of the camera selected.

The system features Shotoku’s Learn Mode, a feature that allows an operator to “teach” the pan-and-tilt heads a complete series of movements that can be reproduced exactly and repetitively. The system also interfaces with the Ross Synergy 1 production switcher tally system, so operators know which camera is in service, eliminating the possibility of it being moved accidentally while on the air.

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