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Modulus Video debuts real-time, HD MPEG-4 AVC encoding

Modulus Video has announced its new ME6000, a real-time, HD encoder. The new system will enable satellite, Telco, and cable service providers to conserve bandwidth, making room for new HD and interactive TV services based on SDI and IPTV infrastructures.

Modulus Video will offer live demonstrations of the ME6000 April 18-21 at NAB2005 in Las Vegas, booth C11416.

The ME6000 delivers the more than 600 billion operations per second processing that is required to encode digital video at Main Profile @ Level 4 (the requirement for HD) and get high-quality, full-resolution HD video images. The ME6000 will deliver HD content at around half the bit rate of existing MPEG-2 systems. This enables the system to deliver twice as many channels over the existing MPEG-2 infrastructure.

With the ability to support and select advanced features such as CABAC entropy coding, macro block adaptive field frame coding, multi-frame references and de-blocking filter, the ME6000 delivers MPEG-4 AVC data as a compressed MPEG-2 transport stream using IP or optional ASI.

The AVC HD video encoder is expected to ship this summer.

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