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MobiTV Soars Past 7 Million Subscribers

EMERYVILLE, CALIF.: Wireless entertainment services provider MobiTV is reporting that more than 7 million subscribers are now using its service.

MobiTV brings live television to mobile devices; its services are available on more than 350 models of handsets and 20 carrier networks, including Sprint, AT&T and Alltel.

“We are clearly seeing an increase in mobile television consumption,” said Charlie Nooney, chairman and CEO of MobiTV. “... We are about to hit the tipping point for mobile media, one that will move it from a novelty to the mainstream.”

Over the last six months, MobiTV has seen some 2 million new subscribers join its ranks, attributable in large part to the “tournament pass” application for the iPhone launched in partnership with CBS Sports for the 2009 March Madness NCAA basketball tournament.