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Mobile TV Group installs second Grass Valley Kayenne switcher for HD sports production

Due to positive client feedback, the Mobile Television Group (MTVG), based in Denver, has installed its second Kayenne multiformat video production switcher from Grass Valley onboard its refurbished 10HDX truck, which is designed to simulcast dual-feed shows in both SD (480i) and HD (720p or 1080i) resolutions.

MTVG’s first Kayenne switcher was purchased in July of this year. Thanks to a smooth installation and a very positive reception by customers and technical directors who use it, the company ordered an additional Kayenne system.

The 53ft upgraded 10HDX production truck is primarily based in Southern California and previously housed a Grass Valley Kalypso HD switcher used mainly to produce live HD telecasts for professional basketball, hockey and baseball games. In addition to the Kayenne, the 10HDX carries 10 Grass Valley LDK 6000/8000 HD cameras with triax adapters.

With mobile units located in most major markets in the United States, the Mobile Television Group helps produce live sports and entertainment events across the country. The company also uses Grass Valley Kalypso and Kayak HD production switchers as well as LDK 6000 and LDK 8000 cameras onboard its other trucks.

The Grass Valley Kayenne video production center can be ordered with 1.5M/Es to 4.5M/Es with Grass Valley’s DoubleTake split M/E technology to increase the available M/Es to 10. Each source-select and aux-bus module has two rows of OLED source name displays that provide ultra-clear text with wide viewing angles.