Mobile Television Group focuses with Canon lenses

Mobile Television Group (MTVG), a Denver-based sports production company, has purchased eight Canon DIGISUPER72xs (model XJ72x9.3BIE-D) for HD television production.

MTVG operates 16 mobile units throughout the United States, focusing primarily on regional sports. Nine of these mobile production trucks are equipped for HDTV production. About 90 percent of its work is sports production. For the everyday sports production, executives said the 72x Canon lens was ideal.

Canon's DIGISUPER lens line includes the DIGISUPER100xs, 72xs, 86 TELExs, 86xs, 75xs and 60xs — ranging from 9.3mm to 675 mm (up to 1350mm with extender). All incorporate Canon's second-generation digital servo system, which provides microcomputer compensation of lens-focus breathing.

All models are built with advanced computer-aided design techniques, special optical materials and multilayer coatings on each optical element to provide precision HDTV (and SDTV) image-capture performance and heightened long-range zoom capabilities.