Mo-Sys Engineering Releases G30 Gyro-Stabilized Head

Mo-Sys Engineering
(Image credit: Mo-Sys Engineering)

LONDON—Mo-Sys Engineering has begun shipping its G30 gyro-stabilized head, offering the performance of more expensive systems and the usability and ease of setup of simpler gimbal devices. 

The solution features key technologies designed based on the input of early adopters, including:

  • Balance assist – A smart axis hold feature for significantly faster set-up of camera payloads.
  • Innovative control console - For fast, accurate operation in the heat of production
  • Universal camera cage to accommodate all practical camera payloads. 

Mo-Sys designed the G30 with an eye towards making a gyro-stabilized head that would meet the needs of any broadcast or movie application. It also sought to offer simple setup and operation, minimal complexity by negating sliprings and counter-balance weights, and support for the widest range of camera payloads, the company said.

At the heart of the G30 is a unique 45-degree frame geometry, large enough to accommodate any camera rig, including large ENG cameras and complete digital cinematography camera rigs. The short, stiff frame provides rigidity for camera payloads up to 66 pounds, with high-torque direct drive motors for smooth, precise movement and stabilization. The result is a gyro-stabilized head that has complete freedom of pan and tilt in any configuration, along with a +/-45-degree roll.  

More information is available in a YouTube video (opens in new tab) and on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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