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MLB Partners With The Video Call Center to Manage Live Video Caller Production

PALISADES, NY—The Video Call Center has announced a partnership with Major League Baseball to handle live video caller production.

As part of the multi-year production support relationship, MLB will use VCC’s patented call computer systems to manage live video caller production within digital programs where fans and special guests from around MLB can interact. VCC’s cloud technology and video call computer systems were integrated into the production facility within the MLB Network headquarters in Secaucus, NJ.

According to VCC, the integration will give MLB the flexibility to enable callers from anywhere in the world to connect from smartphones, laptops and tablets using a variety of native IP video calling apps including Apple FaceTime and Google’s Web-RTC format (via Gruveo), which require no downloads for callers, as well as Skype. Call quality is expected to dramatically improve and support for simultaneous callers has also been added.

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MLB will use VCC’s Caller Queue management platform custom-branded for MLB, to provide producers with sophisticated caller management and pre-screening tools to ensure participants are appropriate for both content and visual/audio quality. MLB producers and hosts will use VCC’s Call Manager Pro software, a suite of productivity tools to quickly launch/end calls, dynamically and automatically reposition and resize call windows to achieve the optimal look-and-feel of programs, and to achieve lip-sync across multiple video call applications.

The VCC is also providing live video call production training services to MLB personnel.