Miranda’s NVISION routers control existing third-party products

Miranda Technologies has simplified the migration to 3Gb/s, HD and fiber routing, using its NVISION Enterprise Class range, by extending its support for third-party legacy routers. This means that a facility can simply add an NVISION 3Gb/s router, and control the new and existing routing system from the legacy controller and panels.

Two of the most widely installed legacy routers are the Grass Valley SMS7000 and Philips Jupiter systems. Miranda has now made it easier to transition to the latest NVISION 3Gb/s or HD routing technology.

This easy upgrade allows facilities to phase their migration to 3Gb/s, HD or fiber, while protecting their existing routing investment. It also minimizes additional costs and system engineering. For more advanced operation, facilities can control their entire NVISION and legacy routing infrastructure using the 9000 router control and control panels.

The 9000 router control operates with a wide variety of highly flexible hardware and software control panels. An easy-to-use Java-based configuration editor simplifies control setup, and there is support for dynamic database configuration updates.

NVISION 9000 provides multihop, tie line management and SNMP support. The controller offers cost-effective bridging with many legacy third-party router systems.