Miranda Unveils New 'Bridge Work' for HD Conversion

Miranda Technologies has begun showing its new HD-Bridge Dec that provides HDV to HD-SDI conversion with embedded audio and time code, along with digital and analog video/audio outputs. The Montreal-based company's HD-Bridge Dec's built-in cross-converter allows users to convert between 720p and 1080i.

The converter has been designed as a desktop interface that can address multiple HDV interfacing tasks simultaneously. The interface accepts HDV via an IEEE-1394 (iLink, FireWire) connection and outputs HD-SDI at 1080i/720p. Dual HD-SDI outputs provide one clean feed and one feed with time code and graticule markers. Miranda said the interface also provides analog HD, plus AES and analog audio outputs.

The interface can be used for broadcast distribution and playout, with edited HDV material converted into HD-SDI for direct playout into an HD-SDI infrastructure. HD-Bridge Dec can also be used to convert compressed HDV into uncompressed HD-SDI for lossless editing.