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Miranda Technologies introduces M3 integration cable

Miranda Technologies has introduced its M3 integration cable, which is designed to simplify router to multiviewer connectivity.

The 3Gb/s router integration cable replaces 16 coax cables and connectors by assimilating them into a single, high-density cable structure, enable seamless integration between Miranda NVISION routers and Kaleido-Modular-X and Kaleido-MX multiviewers for integrators and intallers while reducing costs.

The M3 is ideal for production studio control rooms, mobile production environments or those who just need a tightly integrated router and multiviewer connection. It provides ultra-fast installation, easy reconfiguration and a highly simplified cable management system.

In addition, the M3 supports SMPTE 424M; this is designed to ensures that pristine 3Gb/s video can be transported across double the cable length of competitive offerings. Plus, the use of fewer cables sharply reduces interconnect complexity, cable volume and weight. This improves cooling by removing obstacles to ventilation, as well as saves the time and expense of acquiring and deploying multiple lengths of traditional cabling.