Miranda Ships New Routing Product

Miranda technologies has announced that it is now delivering its Nvision 8500 Hybrid line of embedded audio routers with integrated audio processing. This innovation is designed to streamline television facility infrastructures and to eliminate audio/video timing problems.

“The Nvision 8500 routers are redefining the role of a router in a television facility,” said Michel Proulx, Miranda’s CTO. “By combining video routing with high performance audio processing and routing in a single, ultra-resilient chassis, they streamline signal management and deliver ultra-low latency to prevent lip-sync problems. They represent a new generation of routing technology, essentially ‘super-routers’ with built-in, advanced processing to minimize the device count in facilities.”

The new product integrates audio de-embedding, shuffling, breakaway, and re-embedding into a single unit, greatly simplifying both operational and cabling issues. The 8500 Hybrid also provides savings in rack space, power, and capital equipment costs, due to its ability to perform tasks that previously required several different devices.