MIRA Mobile truck focuses on HD sports with Fujinon lenses

The company’s latest HD truck is on the road producing sports telecasts throughout the Pacific Northwest

Portland, OR-based production company MIRA Mobile Television has outfitted its latest 53ft HD production truck (M7HD) with a full complement of Fujinon HD lenses.

MIRA’s third HD truck, M7HD is now on the road producing sports telecasts throughout the Pacific Northwest. Bill Duncan, the company’s director of engineering, said they chose a dozen Fujinon lenses because of Fujinon’s use of aspheric technology and anti-fogging features.

Found exclusively on Fujinon lenses, aspheric technology (AT2) is a design that reduces distortion at wide angles, improves corner resolution, reduces glare and reflections and allows chromatic aberration to be managed throughout the zoom range, rather than simply optimized at specific points. Because light passing through aspheric elements focuses at the same point on the focal plane, additional elements are not needed, making AT2-equipped lenses lighter and smaller, according to Fujinon.

MIRA’s Duncan said that with AT2, because there are fewer elements needed to create an optical image, there’s less opportunity for flare, glare and other issues. And a lighter lens can have a significant impact when it comes to the cost of fuel. Even eliminating a couple of ounces can represent a cost savings over the long run.

The new lens package for the M7HD includes: one XA101x8.9BESM super telephoto field lens with image stabilization; six XA88x 8.8BESM telephoto field lenses with stabilization; three HA22 x7.8BERM ENG lenses; and two HA13x4.5BERM ENG super wide-angle lenses. The 53ft mobile unit will travel with the 12 Fujinon lenses and 10 Sony 1550 1080p HD cameras.

MIRA Mobile Television operates in an area of the Pacific Northwest that receives significant rainfall, making it crucial that MIRA select lenses with added moisture control and anti-fogging features. All Fujinon field lenses incorporate a fixed front element, which reduces dust contamination and serves as protection for the front focus group. A concealed compartment, which contains a field-replaceable drying agent, serves to reduce fogging of the internal lens components.

For more information, visit http://www.fujinonbroadcast.com/.