Migo Software acquires MacroPort

Migo Software, a developer of synchronization and content portability software, has acquired MacroPort, a provider of mobile content management software.

MacroPort’s product line enables mobile content, including video, to be distributed on mobile devices, including phones and PDAs. The line includes the Universal Loader, which provides for the automatic launching of mobile applications and content such as music and video onto a mobile device; Mobile Billboard, which transforms removable mobile memory into a secure and targeted advertising vehicle; the Video Auto Scaler, which automatically formats a video stream to any screen format for viewing on a mobile device in real time; and PhotoPlay, which enables the replication and transfer of pictures and video without any user intervention.

Migo’s flagship solution is its Migo synchronization and content portability software, which allows users to transfer their PC content and settings, including e-mail, onto a portable storage device and synchronize this content back onto the original host PC.

For more information, visit www.migosoftware.com and www.macro-port.com.