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MGM HD to Launch This Fall

Drawing on some of the most famous motion picture content in any Hollywood film archive, MGM will not only put in service its first fully owned American TV channel, but the outlet also will be an all-HD channel.

MGM HD will provide round-the-clock HD fare gleaned from MGM’s decades of classic and modern-day films—ranging from “West Side Story” to “Hotel Rwanda,” the studio said Sept. 18.

Like several other channels going HD soon, MGM HD’s debut venue is likely to be on DirecTV, when the DBS provider ramps up its much-publicized “100 channels of HD” by next month.

MGM archives already are being used for an MGM channel presented in SD that’s been operating in scores of countries outside the United States.

MGM HD will mark the studio’s first foray into American TV media. In addition to its library of more than 4,000 titles, MGM said its new HD channel will provide new content, including some live programming such as industry roundtables, award shows and “red carpet” events.