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McDonald“s Infiltrates Newscast Sets

Anchors are increasing being accessorized with caffeinated beverages from Mickey D“s, according to The New York Times. The newspaper of record reports that KVVU-TV, the Fox affiliate in Las Vegas, has taken to placing McDonald“s iced coffees in front of its anchors during the “lifestyle” part of the morning show. KVVU owner, Meredith Corp., confirmed that the brews are there as part of a six-month product placement deal with the fast-food giant. The station news director said the coffees would not affect the content of the program, but the cups might have to go if a tainted McDonald“s food story had to be covered.

Other Meredith stations were said to be accepting product placements on their morning shows, including WFSB-TV, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, Conn.; and WGCL, the CBS affiliate in Atlanta. McDonald“s coffee also appears on Fox O&O WFLD in Chicago; Tribune-owned Fox affiliate KCPQ-TV in Seattle; and Univision 41 in New York.

Stations are increasingly turning to ad-time alternatives as buyers migrate to the Internet. The shift is taking place just as the FCC begins to consider rules on how to disclose and identify product placements.