Mayah develops new codecs for audio over IP

German audio codec manufacturer Mayah Communications has introduced a new product family of C11 audio codecs — including the SPORTY Reporter Codec and FLASHMAN II Recorder/IP Codec.

The C11 family comprises 14 different models — all as small as a 1U, half rack unit, consuming only 8W of power. All the devices support audio over IP based on the EBU ACIP Standard.

Traditional and advanced coding algorithms provided for each of the new devices include Linear (PCM), G.711/G.722, MPEG Layer2/Layer 3, MPEG-4 HE-AACv2, AAC/ELD as well as the optional APT-X/Enhanced APT-X.

Along with IP technology — which is utilized for the transmissions over Ethernet/LAN, WLAN, 3Gb/s and BGAN — some C11 models also offer traditional ISDN and POTS connectivity. C1191 provides a dual IP interface for redundant streaming or secure separation of the audio streaming and device control.

The SPORTY mobile reporter audio codec and FLASHMAN II portable audio recorder/codec provide the support of simultaneous transmission and recording/playback to and from SD cards or USB memory sticks. With a rechargeable battery, reporters can transmit from virtually anywhere in the world.

New features include automatic jitter compensation (AJC) and forward error correction (FEC) to improve the sound quality in the public IP networks such as the Internet, BGAN support, multiple unicast and point-to-multipoint ISDN transmission.