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Manhattan Center Studios Extends Riedel Intercom System to Connect Venues

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY —Manhattan Center Studios is extending its Riedel intercom system to connect its studios and performance halls, as well as a new client news network, Al Jazeera America.

“We believe that the Riedel intercom is on another level from its competition, and with every software release, it becomes both more powerful and easier to program," said Marvin Williams, director of engineering and operations at Manhattan Center Studios. “There is no request a production or client can make that we cannot accommodate. Now that we are completely Riedel — Artist matrix and keypanels, Performer digital party lines, and Acrobat wireless — the whole system is a pleasure to use.”

With its location in the heart of midtown Manhattan, the facility is a mid-size venue for corporate galas, charity fundraisers, award shows, rock concerts, and fashion shows. The Manhattan Center is home to the Hammerstein Ballroom, originally created as an opera house, as well as a full ballroom, two full TV studios, the Log Cabin and Studio 7 audio studios, and 20 plus edit suites, all of which are connected with Riedel intercom systems.

The new installation includes 64-port and 32-port Artist digital matrix intercom mainframes, both equipped with redundant power supplies and CPU cards and featuring fiber connectivity. MADI Client cards allow the transparent transport of up to 64 MADI signals through the Artist infrastructure. For accessing the intercom matrix, a combination of new OLED rack-mount (RCP-1112) and desktop (DCP-1116) key panels have been distributed. In addition, their Acrobat wireless system was expanded with a new CC-60 system controller, ten new beltpacks, and additional antennas to enhance coverage. The Manhattan Center Studios also added two commentary control panels (CCP-1116) that can each support two commentators during live events or voiceovers.