Look, mom! No wires!

This might be the phrase from RF Central’s happy customers as the company highlights its line of wireless camera products. Early trials with several Monday Night Football games showed RF Central and users that its RF Extreme system was capable of transmitting HD video from live camera to a remote control room, all over a stable RF link.

The results from tests conducted at the January NFC Championship game convinced CNN that the system would be well-suited for that network’s live coverage of the State of the Union address.

The success of these broadcasts has lead RF Central to several other high-profile television shows. Included was the NAB All-Star Game in February, Oscar pre-show interviews and this year’s Winter Olympics in Torino.

Early proponents of wireless HD cameras faced many challenges, not the least of which were signal latency, battery life and, of course, the ever-present uncertainties of RF reception.

The issues are all solvable, according to RF Central officials. The keys are careful planning and prior to the broadcast.

With RF SD systems in common use, there’s already a wealth of users just waiting to try RF HD. Now, with the availability of packaged HD systems, expect to see more users trying their hand at no-wires TV-all in living HD!

For more information, visit www.rfcentral.com.