LiveU, Blackbird Team on Integrated Contribution, Editing, Distribution Solution

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HACKENSACK, N.J.—LiveU announced it has worked with Blackbird plc, a developer and seller of the Blackbird cloud-native video editing and publishing platform, to speed up the production process and engage viewers with live and video-on-demand (VOD) content.

“Our collaboration with Blackbird is another important example of the flexibility of our cloud integration module with leading industry vendors,” said Avi Cohen, co-founder and COO of LiveU.

The new integrated solution allows production teams to send high-quality video from anywhere and edit, enrich and publish live and VOD content to any destination.

A video feed from any LiveU source, whether a field unit or the LiveU Matrix, can be introduced to the Blackbird editing workflow in near real time. There is no need to wait for the live shot to be complete, for files to finish uploading or for memory cards to be retrieved from the field before editing can begin, the company said.

“Every live shot streamed over LiveU can be accessible in the editing or clipping workflow. For example, customers can use Blackbird for rapid clipping of any LiveU Matrix feed, as easy as marking and dragging and dropping the clip to the social network or alternative destination of their choice,” said Cohen.

With Blackbird’s browser-based editing toolset, video clips, highlights and longer-form content can be created even with low bandwidth. When completed, content can instantly be published in broadcast quality to multiple channels, including OTT, social media and the web, the company said.

Using Blackbird makes it possible for enterprises to scale, improve productivity and help meet sustainability and carbon-reduction targets, it said.

“The world is quickly moving to ‘remote first’ in its approach to sports and news production. Our Blackbird and LiveU partnership is therefore both timely and exciting,” said Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough.

More information is available on the LiveU website.

Phil Kurz

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